4 Tips for choosing the best website to sell your diabetic test strips

4 Tips for choosing the best website to sell your diabetic test strips

These days, there are plenty of different websites which can buy the diabetic test strips from you.

However, the service and the money which is provided by all of these websites is not the same.

That is why it is important for you to realize how you would be choosing such a website.

We would be sharing with you some tips which you can look into when you’re thinking about choosing the right website like njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com to sell your test to strips to.

1. Quotation of the website:
most of the websites would be providing you with the quotation online depending on the type of the test tips which you want to sell.

That is why the 1st step which you should be always doing is to get the quotation from the different websites.

Once you’re able to get the quotation of the different websites, it would become easier for you to compare those websites.

2. Checking into the extra cost:
instead of just looking at the amount which they are providing to you, you have to look into the extra cost.

If there are extra shipping cost or if there are extra kit buying cost, then you have to calculate that as well whenever you’re comparing the quotation which is provided by the different websites.

Instead of just looking at the quotation, you have to look at the total amount of money which you would be able to save when you’re trying to get cash for your diabetic test strips.

Once you’re able to do that, you can actually calculate the exact profit which you would be making.

3. Time for getting the cash:
obviously, when you’re looking to sell your test the steps, you would also be looking to sell them quickly and to get the cash quickly.

Therefore, when you’re trying to choose such a website, you have to look into the time period which it would be taking them to give you the cash.

Only if the time period is quick enough and if it would be according to your timeline in which you need the money, you can think about selling the test strips to that website.

4. Mode of giving the test to strips:
many of the websites provide you with the local drop option.

This would ensure that if you’re living in one of the bigger cities, you can easily drop the test strips at the predecided location and they would be handing you the cash.

This method is much quicker and would ensure that you are able to get the cash quite quickly.

On the other hand, some of the other websites would require you to mail you the test of strips.

When you’re mailing that is just is not only, you would be incurring an extra cost but you have to understand that if the test strips are getting damaged during the mailing, then the value would be significantly reduced.

Also, you have to look into the cost of mailing them the test strips.

Once you’re able to look into all of these points, thereafter only you would be able to choose the right website to sell your test to strips to.

However when you are dealing with us here at http://www.njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com. We never asked you to drop off or mail out anything, Because we will come to you and pick the test strips up at a location of your choice. Whether its the local coffee shop or Walmart parking lot. So call us today (609)-297-7149 or fill out our form to contact us HERE when its time to sell your diabetic test strips.

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