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Please read this agreement carefully and recognize your rights and obligations before you sell test strips to us.
I am an individual 21 years of age or older.I am the sole and rightful owner of the item being sold to www.njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com. I understand that if any item turns out to have been stolen, I will not receive compensation for the item.I will only send test strips that are not expired and will not expire for at least six months from today. (Count the current month as “0” and the next month as “1” and so forth. For example, if the month is April (month “0”), then if your strips expired in 6 months, they would expire in October (month “6”). www.njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com will not pay for boxes that are expired upon receipt of delivery.
www.njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com does not buy International boxes, we only buy test strips with NDC codes.I understand that www.njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com is a medium for selling excess diabetes test strips that I lawfully own or possess with rights to sell.My diabetic test strips are sealed.

FAQ page
Is it legal to sell diabetic test strips?
Yes, it is absolutely legal to sell test strips. They are an over-the-counter item and can be bought off the shelf of any drugstore without a prescription.

What does njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com do with the test strips?
We act kind of like recyclers because we rescue test strips that would normally be discarded, benefiting the seller with a little cash, as well as the recipient, usually uninsured or unemployed people who need the supplies but can’t afford to pay the unfair prices charged by drug companies. Within a 25-mile radius of the Burlington County (NJ) Metro area, we sell test strips at cost or give them free to diabetics who can’t afford outrageous retail prices. Outside of the area, we resell them at 75-80% below retail prices.

What kind of test strips can I sell?
We buy most brands. The boxes must be closed and sealed. The expiration date must be at least 6 months from today. We do not buy damaged or expired boxes,

Does njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com buy any other diabetic supplies?
No, we do not buy lancets, meters, insulin or any other diabetic supplies. We only buy test strips.

Does njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com accept boxes with pharmacy labels?
Yes, we do. We ask that you please not attempt to remove them as we do not buy damaged boxes. You are welcome to mark out your personal information on the label with a black Magic Marker or Sharpie, but please let us remove the labels.

Where is njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com located?
Our company is located in Burlington NJ, approximately 72 miles east of NYC. See the About Us page for further details about the background of the company and its owners.
If you have any other questions about njdiabeticteststripsbuyers.com or about selling your test strips, please feel free to call us toll-free at (609) 297-7149 and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives, or email us via the contact form.

Sell Your Strips Now!
If you have extra and unopened diabetic supplies that you won’t need, we will pay you top-dollar cash guaranteed. Diabetic test strips can be lifesaving for people who need them. Don’t let yours go to waste. Use the cash paid for diabetic test strips to pay your bills or pad your pockets. We pay up to $60 per box, depending on the brand,The process is fast, free and easy! As a diabetic myself, it’s important to me that I give back by supplying lower-cost diabetic supplies to diabetics who are low-income or who lack insurance. When you sell diabetic test strips, you will be helping diabetics in need while also putting money in your pocket. Will you help with my mission?

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