Quick cash for diabetic tests strips:

Quick cash for diabetic tests strips:

If you have diabetic tests strips that are extra or no one Is using, that are near to expire and then put in dustbins. So what can you do with all that extra boxes you have now??

cash for diabetic test strips

Sell them for cash!!!

We get your unused and unexpired diabetic tests strips and then provide to all the needy people who cannot purchase them at full prices. The boxes must be undamaged, unexpired and unsealed and the expiry date needs to be at least 6 months away.  We pay the highest prices for the boxes 40$ per 100 count box and 15$ per 50 count box. We have a unique system of paying money because we never ask for mail or any other source to exchange the strips for cash, instead of that we have a two steps process.  We follow all applicable FDA guidelines” so they are always safe & secure with us. We buy most brands, One-Touch, Freestyle, Freestyle Lite and ACCU-Chek brands. We started this business in 2007 for helping the needy ones who cannot buy the diabetic tests strips at full price. Now it depends on you that you help diabetics or not.

 cash for diabetic test strips

Step 1:

Customers calls up and tells us the condition of the boxes then we ask simple three questions

  • What brand you have?

  • How many boxes you have?

  • What are the expiration dates on the boxes?


Step 2:

If the boxes are in good condition then we plan for meeting at a public place whether it is a park or a coffee shop. Then we exchange the diabetic tests strips for cash.  You do not have to wait for your money just like other competitors do like you sell online and you then do not know when you will get your money.

cash for diabetic test strips


NJ Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up
65 Railroad Ave Roebling, NJ 08554

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