Why waste perfectly good Diabetic test strips?

Why waste perfectly good Diabetic test strips?

You can get cash for your unused diabetic test strips.  At the same time, you’ll be helping diabetics who may be unemployed, uninsured or who have great difficulty affording the test strips they need. We have a business operating in southern NJ and parts of Bucks County, PA from 2007.


The Benefits of Selling Diabetic Test Strips:


Two benefits while selling the strips:

People sell diabetic test strips because there is an imbalance between need and supply. Simply put, some people have too many. Others don’t have enough. Beyond the need, there are two basic reasons why people sell diabetic test strips:

  • To Make Money

  • To Help Others


To make money means you sell your strips and you get cash and to help others because when you sell strips we provide them to people who can not afford them at full price.


We pay the highest possible prices for diabetic test strips as compared to other competitors. We pay $40 per 100 count box and $15 per 50 count box.

We have made a unique procedure  in our business because we never ask our customers to mail out any packages of diabetic test strips to us like most of our competition does, No, We go and pick them up


We have a simple 2-step system, the customers call us up, tell us which brands they have and the expiration dates of the sealed, unopened boxes, We then tell them exactly how much we can pay them and if they accept the amount, We proceed the order.

After dealing and knowing that the boxes are undamaged and have 6 months left in expiration  We then set a time and place to meet, whether it’s the local coffee shop or a park, Then once we meet we exchange the boxes of test strips for cash right there on the spot.

NJ Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up
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